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The History and Legacy of Butter Chicken

In 1947, Punjabi restaurateur Kundan Lal Jaggi created history. In a restaurant co-owned by Jaggi called Moti Mahal , he mixed some leftover chicken into a creamy curry of butter and tomatoes, spiced to perfection. Thus, Murg Makhni was born. The dish received wide acclaim in the ensuing decades, but it would not be known as “butter chicken” until it appeared in the menu of Manhattan-based Gaylord Indian Restaurant in 1975. Since then butter chicken has remained a staple of Indian cuisine. Most recently, it has become of the most ordered menu items on UberEats in British Columbia ( At Narula’s we stay true to the original recipe, offering the most authentic butter chicken experience possible. Be it over rice or with our tandoori naan, you will be able to enjoy our butter chicken the way it was meant to be; unsweetened and with the tomato and butter flavours front and centre. Narula’s also offers a vegan friendly butter chicken using soy chunks and dairy-free ingredients.

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